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An illustration of a sailboat outlined in a black paintbrush style design. A dash of white paint appears on the boat sail. Text: CNIB Lake Joe. Enriching Lives, Making Memories, Building Independence.

Let’s Go! CNIB Lake Joe e-newsletter

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Welcome to Let’s Go! CNIB Lake Joe e-newsletter! This quarterly e-newsletter will provide all the news you can use about CNIB Lake Joe: new and exciting programs, fabulous events, staff and volunteer opportunities, and fun facts about life at CNIB Lake Joe.

July 2024

Meet Bree: CNIB Lake Joe's Camp Program Manager
Cookout with Cuddy - The Encore

Roaring Success: MDA Lions Raise Funds for New CNIB Lake Joe Minibus
New Arrivals: CNIB Lake Joe 2024 Camp Wear

Past Issues


April 2024

Thrills and Skills at CNIB Lake Joe
Who let the dogs out?
Volunteer Profile: Vivian Chong

The Ultimate Sumer Bash: "Cookout with Cuddy 2024: The Encore"
Meet David Throssell
Join the CNIB Lake Joe Dream Team
Jane Casey invites you to "Get on Board"

January 2024

CNIB Lake Joe 2024 Program Schedule: Apply Now!
Confidence, Creativity and Connection: The Unexpected Rewards of Virtual Improv
"This is where we met our people." CNIB Lake Joe online and onsite
Khrisstina Engel: Live, laugh, love at CNIB Lake Joe

Join the CNIB Lake Joe Camp Community

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October 2023

CNIB Lake Joe’s “Cookout with Cuddy” event a Sizzling Success
Meet Matt Simonot: Volunteer with a Vision
Lake Joe On the Go! podcast
: Accessibility at CNIB Lake Joe
Lions are “Getting on Board” to smash barriers for CNIB Lake Joe guests
Sports and Independence: CNIB Lake Joe's Active Adult and Young Adult Week

CNIB to receive funding from the Government of Canada to retrofit Lake Joe

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July 2023

Perfect Sense: CNIB Lake Joe’s new Multi-Sensory Room
CNIB Lake Joe’s “Cookout With Cuddy” supports camp with a SOLD OUT show!
Wake-Up! CNIB Lake Joe’s new Wakesetter boat ushers in a new generation of blind waterskiers
All Kids Deserve to Play: Meet Gabriel

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April 2023

Kids Come to Camp for just $150 in 2023!
Meet Maria, CNIB Lake Joe's new Program Manager
Active Adults Week/Young Adult Week at CNIB Lake Joe
Volunteer Jessica Bailey: Over 20 years and counting
Surf 'n' Turf: Seasonal Staff Wanted
Would you like to get on board?

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January 2023

CNIB Lake Joe 2023 Program Schedule
CNIB Lake Joe for Beginners: Alessia’s Story
CNIB Lake Joe’s Got Talent: Introducing Jade Ondrik
Writing with Feeling at CNIB Lake Joe
Live, work and play at beautiful CNIB Lake Joe

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October 2022

CNIB Lake Joe’s New Blind Hockey Program
Meet Harjinder Saran
Making Waves! Anything is Possible at CNIB Lake Joe
Tall Tales: CCB Rocks the Climbing Tower at CNIB Lake Joe
All about the Fall

July 2022

"CNIB Lake Joe on the Go” Podcast
Register now! CNIB Lake Joe’s Dock-to-Dock: Taste of Muskoka event
CNIB Buddy Dog Program at Lake Joe
The Creator’s Walk

April 2022

Believe You Can Achieve: Corey Braun
What’s YOUR Mountain? Team Limitless encourages kids to live without limits
Meet “Super Six” challenger Randall Oliphant
Creating a Sensation: Cerenna-tee Racey
Everything you need to know to get ready for camp
Help Wanted! Work and play at beautiful CNIB Lake Joe

January 2022

CNIB Lake Joe 2022 Program Schedule
Kids will score big at CNIB Lake Joe this summer
I learned so much about my community: staff member Taylor Gaudon
Volunteer profile: Roy & Mark Klementti

October 2021

Getting Ready for a Guide Dog: new Orientation & Mobility Immersion program launched at CNIB Lake Joe
CNIBLakeJoe@Home Camp-in-a-Box: Adult Edition!
CNIB Lake Joe 60th Anniversary limited edition apparel, gifts and more
Ollie and Mason: Becoming fast friends at CNIB Lake Joe
Build it, and they will come: new accessible soccer pitch and mini-golf course
Thank you for celebrating CNIB Lake Joe’s 60th Anniversary Weekend with us!
Climbing to New Heights: “I couldn’t resist the challenge.”

July 2021

Book your Holiday Week at CNIB Lake Joe!
CNIBLakeJoe@Home virtual programs are here to stay
CNIB 5050 – get your tickets now!
CNIB Muskoka: Dock-to-Dock Poker Run
Summers at CNIB Lake Joe with the Knip Family
CNIB Honours Lions’ Top Contributors
Lights, camera, action: CNIB Lake Joe 60th Anniversary documentary

April 2021

CNIB Lake Joe Celebrates 60 Years!
60th Anniversary Challenge: Let's Raise $600K in 60 days!
Join the New CNIB Lake Joe Staff & Volunteer Alumni
CNIB Lake Joe 2021 Camp Program Updates
We’re Hiring: CNIB Lake Joe 2021 Camp Programs
Lion Barb Ennis: Kindness and Service in Action
Shop Now: Special 60th Anniversary Discount on Featured Product
Warm Memories: “I can’t believe I did that!”
Bright Futures: Brand New Five-a-Side Soccer Pitch

January 2021

CNIB Lake Joe 2021 Camp Program: We’re here for you!
Robert & David Froom: Renewing Relationships at CNIB Lake Joe
CNIB Lake Joe’s NEW Online Camp Store is open for business
Reach to Achieve! New Climbing Tower
Meet CNIB Lake Joe’s Furry Name Sake
CNIB Lake Joe’s 60th Anniversary & Alumni

October 2020

Enjoy New Fall Programs at CNIB Lake Joe
Help Wanted
CNIB Muskoka: Dock-to-Dock Party Makes History
Camp-in-a-Box program
Meet Bruce Roulston
Shake ‘n’ Make Ice Cream

July 2020

CNIBLakeJoe@Home keeps campers connected
CNIB Muskoka: Virtual Dock to Dock – Party with a Purpose
CNIB Lake Joe Dining Hall & Lounge Makeover
Welcome to the CNIB Lake Joe team!
Volunteer with a Vision – Nancy Simonot
Campfire Stories

March 2020

A Message to CNIB Lake Joe Friends
Coming Up: What's new at CNIB Lake Joe
Help Wanted
Extreme Makeover: CNIB Lake Joe edition 
Why CNIB Lake Joe? Meet the Van Dyk family
Special thanks: Volunteer Jim Tokos, 23+ years of service
Have you ever enjoyed a s'more pizza?
Top 10 Things You Need to Know about CNIB Lake Joe