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A yellow/black Accessible Pedestrian Signal pushbutton mounted to a pole.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals in Moncton

By: Debbie Jeffery

The City of Moncton recently reached out to CNIB for input on Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) for traffic signals at intersections and crosswalks. These systems include audible pedestrian push buttons to alert pedestrians with sight loss when it is time to cross. The new systems also include sensor plates to allow for triggering the pedestrian phase with no touch required. 

The City’s Engineering Department is developing a plan to install APS over the next couple of years and solicited feedback on what locations should be prioritized. The City of Moncton would like APS features to be installed at all signalized intersections eventually, but it will take time to do all the upgrades. 

In September, the city held their first meeting with residents living with sight loss, CNIB and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada. The group reviewed the list of intersections that are being considered, as well as those that have already been upgraded, and were invited to offer feedback and suggestions.

It was a great opportunity for people to be a part of the discussion – especially one that affects the safety and independence of community members with sight loss.

This work is now extending beyond Moncton. After hearing about this committee, a community member in a neighbouring municipality decided to contact her municipality because an APS wasn’t working correctly. Not only was the department receptive to her concerns, but they also acted immediately to address them. She had such a positive and empowering experience that she is ready to take on other advocacy projects. 

If you are living in the Greater Moncton region and would be interested in getting involved in this APS consultation committee, don’t hesitate to reach out to Debbie Jeffery, Program Lead, Community and Volunteer Engagement, at or call 506-857-4240 ext. 5611.