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An image of an older man getting out of a streetcar and exiting onto a busy street. He uses a white cane, and is wearing a red and blue collared shirt, khakis and a fedora. He is smiling.

Federal Government Officially Adopts Sound Requirements for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

For pedestrians who are blind or partially sighted, sound is an essential component of safe and independent navigation. Environmental cues and audible signals, like the noise generated by a combustion engine, can help people with sight loss to orient themselves, identify potential hazards, understand the flow of traffic, and determine when it’s safe to cross a street.

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Two hands hold knitting needles and knit a blue fabric.


June 9, 2023

Designed for knitters/advanced knitters to work on projects, learn from peers, and enjoy knitting fellowship. Yarnivores meets on Zoom every Friday from 12 to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Abby walks along a lush green nature pathway and navigates with their white cane. Abby is turned away from the camera

Happy Deafblind Awareness Month!

By: Abby Sienko
CNIB National Youth Council Member

As a person who is DeafBlind, I bring a unique perspective to the CNIB National Youth Council and our advocacy work. While there may be similarities between the blind and low vision community, being DeafBlind is vastly different. I am proud to be a part of the National Youth Council and amplify the voices of people who are Deafblind.

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 CNIB Mobile Hub logo. A graphic art illustration of a white cargo van outlined with yellow and black accents. Text: CNIB Mobile Hub.

CNIB Mobile Hub

CNIB is hitting the road to bring our innovative programs to life in your community!

Meet the CNIB Mobile Hub – a new program delivery model where we visit your community to deliver in-person programming for people who are blind or partially sighted. At the CNIB Mobile Hub, you can participate in children and youth programming, recreational and social activities, learning and employment workshops, hands-on technology training and product demonstrations.

To see where we’re headed next, check out our tour schedule.
Logo du Hub mobile d'INCA avec l'icône d'une fourgonnette aux couleurs d'INCA.

INCA prend la route avec son Mobile hub, pour offrir plus de soutien en région

Pour nous assurer que vous bénéficiez de tout ce dont vous avez besoin, nous avons décidé de sortir pour venir à votre rencontre dans votre région, afin de vous faire découvrir tous nos services et vous en offrir davantage d'occasions d'entrer en contact avec d'autres personnes qui vivent une situation similaire à la vôtre.

Le Hub mobile d'INCA s'installera dans un espace local où nous offrirons un éventail de programmes gratuits en personne aux personnes aveugles ou ayant une vision partielle, ainsi qu'à leurs familles, amis et aidants.

Suivez notre tournée!

Find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!


Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual Vision Mate

The Virtual Vision Mate program gives volunteers an opportunity to engage in friendly conversations with people who are blind or partially sighted. You can schedule your chats on a set day and time every week, or you can schedule week-to-week, whatever works for both of you.

Volunteer for Virtual Vision Mate

Vision Mate

Make a difference for people who are blind or partially sighted by providing sighted assistance and companionship to a person in your community who is blind or partially sighted.

Volunteer for Vision Mate