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Two suitcases sit in an airport terminal near a departure gate.

Travel tips for people who are blind or have low vision

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Planning a vacation and travelling can seem daunting and overwhelming, but with the right amount of planning and preparation, it doesn't have to be!  Are We There Yet? – The Ultimate Guide for Travellers Series examines everything you need to consider when planning your next adventure! Hear from guest speakers about their lived experiences and tips for safe and accessible travel. We'll discuss trip planning, air, rail, and car travel, finding reasonable accommodations, and ways to navigate the unexpected when travelling. 

*To access to the workshop videos, please email bernard.akuoko@cnib.ca.

  • Workshop 1: Time to plan a trip. We'll lay down the blueprint to plan your ultimate trip, from selecting the right destination to deciding whether to work with a travel agent. 
  • Workshop 2: Navigating planes, trains and cruises. Learn tips, tricks and strategies to navigate airports, train stations or cruise ships confidently. 
  • Workshop 3: Getting around. Now that you've selected your destination, the planning begins! Hear from our speakers about planning entertainment and excursions and how to travel safely with transit, taxi and rideshare services.
  • Workshop 4: International travel. Time talk about international travel and things to consider when travelling abroad, including customs, ways to identify and appropriately store local currency, accessibility, and travelling with a guide dog. 
  • Workshop 5: Expect the unexpected. In our final episode of "Are We There Yet?", we dive into how to manage stressful moments during travel, including detours, lost luggage and technology. 

As part of the series, we also prepared some useful travel resources. Download the Travel Resources document.