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Meet Julie

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Accessibility Committee Volunteer and media spokesperson – Moncton, NB

Julie Morneault has volunteered with the CNIB Foundation since 2013. Since then, she has worked in several roles with the organization. While she volunteers at her local CNIB office, she also goes into the community to tell her story, and to talk about the importance of accessibility and inclusion. As a vocal advocate, Julie has made several media appearances on a variety of accessibility-related topics.  

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Julie Morneault

When she’s not volunteering with the CNIB Foundation, Julie has found other ways to give back to her community. Since February 2019, Julie has acted as the Chair of Moncton Accessibility Committee, where she has had many opportunities to engage with the community about the importance of accessibility. 

“We consult on everything from making things like sidewalks more accessible to the construction of new buildings,” says Julie. “It’s so important to do awareness projects in our communities. Some people don’t have a connection to sight loss and there’s often misconceptions.” 

Julie explained that when she first meets people, many think she’s unable to do things independently. 

“But when I have a chance to show them everything I can do with my phone or my guide dog, they’re always appreciative,” Julie says. “They say, thank you for sharing that with us. Thank you for educating us.” 

Julie, who has been a guide dog handler since 2003, says she’s had many opportunities to educate the public about guide dog etiquette, and how the partnerships work.

“It’s important for people to feel like they’re able to ask questions, to get informed,” she says. 

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