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In addition to the practical legal information handbooks, the Know Your Rights team has produced a series of educational videos that will help you better understand your rights.

Keya's Story:  Know Your Rights – Constantly Frustrated

When Keya goes to a medical office for an appointment, she finds an inaccessible queue. Watch how Keya asserts herself to ensure she receives the same level of service as anyone else.

Victoria's Story:  Know Your Rights - Denied Access

Victoria is stopped by a security guard from entering a public building because of her guide dog. Watch how Victoria stands up for her rights to make sure that businesses follow the law.

Audrey's Story:  Know Your Rights – Unaware and Out of Touch

Audrey is Deafblind and is often accompanied by an Intervenor. When Audrey attends a medical appointment with her intervenor, the doctor acts in a way that hurts her dignity. In this video, Audrey explains what everyone should know about common courtesy when working with someone who is Deafblind.

Malini's Story:  Know Your Rights - Small Text. Big Problems

When Malini goes for a medical appointment, she’s given a form that’s inaccessible and a staff person violates her right to privacy. Watch how Malini ensures her rights are respected and that she receives the same level of service as anyone else.