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Here you'll find a list of third-party opportunities with external groups, casting agencies and organizations. Be sure to check back often as this page is updated with new opportunities as they become available. Please direct all inquiries to the contact listed for each opportunity.


Opportunities posted on this page are submitted by third-party businesses and organizations over which CNIB exercises no control. CNIB does not screen casting agencies, businesses, or organizations. CNIB does not have any control over the content and links included within the posts, nor does it have any control over conditions imposed upon the individual, etc. by the said casting agencies, businesses, or organizations. CNIB cannot verify the identity of casting agencies, businesses, or organizations, nor can it confirm the content, legality, completeness, accuracy, availability and/or reliability of advertisements posted on this site. Accordingly, CNIB assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for such. Users of this site are cautioned to exercise due diligence when responding to posts, attending for interviews, participating in groups, and/or accepting offers, as verifying the validity of same is the sole responsibility of the website user.

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If you're looking to engage with people who are blind or partially sighted for casting openings,  documentaries, or other opportunities, please complete this contact form