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CNIB's "Work" programs provide you with the skills and resources to attain your career ambitions, thrive academically at every stage, and hone your abilities as an entrepreneur or mentor.

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An illustration of a briefcase with thick black border. "CNIB Come to Work"

I'm Looking for Work: Come to Work

Come to Work connects job seekers who are blind or partially sighted with employers who want to discover the full potential of Canada's talent.
Illustration of the Venture Zone  logo, which displays a bright yellow lightbulb with a dollar sign placed over it next to the words “CNIB Venture Zone”

I Want to Work for Myself: The Venture Zone

CNIB’s entrepreneur program gives you the resources and inspiration you need to succeed in your business venture.
The closing of a presentation: Three women and two men stand around a table. A man and woman shake hands.

I Want to Connect with Talent: Come to Work

The CNIB Foundation's Come to Work program introduces employers to an innovative talent pool of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted and provides job seekers with work experience. Our partners are committed to engaging talent with different perspectives to create a culture of collaboration and innovation. Learn more about becoming a Come to Work partner.
Connecting the Dots logo. A bright, yellow wallpaper featuring an abstract design of 4 dots & the CNIB Logo. Text: Connecting the Dots. Education, Technology and Employment Conference.

Connecting the Dots Conference

Connecting the Dots is Canada's largest educational and professional development conference focused on education, technology, and employment for people who are blind or partially sighted.