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Illustration of the Venture Zone  logo, which displays a bright yellow lightbulb with a dollar sign placed over it next to the words “CNIB Venture Zone”

I Want to Work for Myself: The Venture Zone

CNIB’s entrepreneur program gives you the resources and inspiration you need to succeed in your business venture. 

Denise, an entrepreneur, wears her "Say Hello 2 Blindness" attire and waves at the camera with her left hand.

Become a Member

The Venture Zone is CNIB’s Entrepreneurship program. Interested in business? Whether you have an idea, are already in market, or are ready to expand, we have resources for you!
A brunette woman sits and smiles at a blond woman with a white cane, as both sit next to a sign for a fragrant garden.

Become a Mentor

Mentoring enhances professional portfolios, changes lives and advances careers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or in the early stages of your career, mentorship exposes both parties to new perspectives, ideas and reciprocal learning relationships.