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Resources for Entrepreneurs

Looking for resources to help you start and build your business? On this page, you’ll find links and downloadable resources on topics from business strategy, to marketing and accessibility hacks for blind entrepreneurs.

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7 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face and How to Conquer Them

What are some challenges of being an entrepreneur? While entrepreneurship can help you build your ideal lifestyle, starting a new business is by no means a simple journey.
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What is an Entrepreneur?

Have you ever wanted to open your own business, but feel overwhelmed by all the business jargon?
We'll break down some basic business terms for you to get you started.
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Your nine-step business plan

Use the business model canvas to create your business plan.

Learn more by downloading our “nine-step business plan” resource, originally from 
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Making a Cashflow Statement

Learn how to make a simple cashflow statement based on Futurpreneur's template. Futurpreneur gives loans to Canadian startups. Use the template to model your monthly finances over the next 12 to 24 months. 
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Creating Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a popular tool for marketing and reaching customers.
Accessibility can be tricky with some sites, and you might wonder how to use them properly to gain customers. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business.
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Choosing the Legal Structure of Your Business

Do you want to own a business by yourself? With a partner or many shareholders? Find out your options for structuring your business and who gets the profits.
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The Elements of a Contract

Check out this beginner's guide to writing business contracts and when you'll need them.
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Nailing the Pitch: Preparing

You've crunched the numbers and done the research, and now you need investors to help you grow your business. How will you get them on board? Pitching can be intimidating, but with these tips, you'll be ready for success.

Here, we break down the pitching process from planning to presenting.
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Nailing the Pitch: Presenting

If you've read how to prepare for your sales pitch, here are some tips on presenting it.