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Kevin and Jacklyn from the Venture Zone team stand in front of a yellow CNIB banner and smile.  J&K: Let's be Frank

   Big news in this podcast! Kevin Shaw and Jacklyn Gilmor hold listeners  in suspense as they talk art, inspiration and finally, the latest project CNIB is doing to boost entrepreneurship. Listen to the surprise podcast here.




A close-up of a man's hands holding an iPhone and playing the Venture Zone game.  Guest Special: Kevin Shaw's Game Update

   Kevin Shaw takes over the Venture Zone podcast to give you an update on our brand       new Venture Zone Game: how you can contact us, review the app, and what people         are saying (psst: it's good stuff!) If you haven't already, download the game on your           iPhone!

   Listen to the game update here.

Image of the Venture Zone Game logo, a light bulb with a dollar sign inside.  J&K: We Have an App!

   We're excited to bring our brand new app, the Venture Zone Game to you on the Apple     app store in Canada! The game teaches you how to run a business and make money.       It's also fun, engaging and accessible. Kevin Shaw and Jacklyn Gilmor of CNIB's               entrepreneurship program sit down to walk you through the game and get an up-close       experience with it. Download it today on the app store!

   Listen to the game podcast here.


Image shows a line of microphones in their stands on a stage.  Building the Brand: Live Panel

   Hear from digital marketing and branding experts Trista DeVries and Brenda                     Van Ginkel and freelance social media manager Paula Fletcher. This podcast was             recorded live at the GTA Community Hub in Toronto in February. 

   Listen to the panel podcast here.

Image of the CNIB Work logo, which is a briefcase on a yellow background.  J&K: Building a Good Team

   Kevin Shaw is the Program Manager for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at CNIB. He's       also a serial entrepreneur, who knows the ins and outs of running your own business.       Jacklyn Gilmor sits down with Kevin to talk about finding the right people, firing the             wrong ones, and the sticky question of whether to hire family and friends.

   Learn how you can build a good team by clicking this podcast link!

A headshot of Brett Devloo, who is smiling and wearing a bandana and sunglasses.  Skateboards, sight loss and speaking out with Brett Devloo

   When Brett Devloo lost his sight at 17, he hopped on his skateboard and made a plan:       keep going and do what he loves. Now he's making music videos, a clothing line, and       running a non-profit to donate iPads to kids with sight loss. Listen as Brett talks about         "doing things that don't make sense" and how he plans to change the world.

    Listen to Brett's podcast here!


A portrait shows Burn 365 co-founder Mina Nishigori from the waist up, smiling.

  Burning calories and building community with Mina Nishigori

   Mina Nishigori lives with sight loss and runs a family seafood business.
   Now she's launching a fitness studio with a focus on two of her passions: health and           community. For her, that means long days and juggling responsibilities, but she has no       plans of slowing down. We spoke to Mina about her business and how she does it all.
   Listen to Mina's podcast for more!

Entrepreneur Pina D'Intino laughs with CNIB's Jacklyn Gilmor as they record a podcast in the CNIB studio

  Business, blindness and balance with Pina D'Intino

   Pina D'Intino runs an accessibility consulting company and is the recipient of a Queen         Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for her work in accessibility.
   She talks working long hours, balancing other commitments, and doing it all with sight         loss.

   To listen to Pina's podcast click here!