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Photo of young woman relaxing, reading an audiobook, waiting at bus stop.

CNIB Unbound Book Club

Photo of a Victor Stream displaying a reader’s bookshelf, next to DAISY books on CD.

What is the CNIB Unbound Book Club?

CNIB Unbound is a virtual book club for readers with print disabilities and anyone interested in accessible literacy.
Photo of a Book Launch event with Terry Fallis speaking with group of CNIB participants.

CNIB Unbound Facebook Group

The CNIB Unbound Facebook group is a place where members can meet, get to know each other and talk about all things books!
Photo of author K.D. Miller being interviewed by CNIB Unbound podcast host, James Denas.

CNIB Unbound Podcast

The CNIB Unbound podcast is an audio experience that takes readers beyond the book itself.