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CNIB Guide Dogs Logo: A sketch of a dog in harness sitting next to the words "CNIB Guide Dogs".

About CNIB Guide Dogs

A close up of a yellow Golden Retriever.

Our Program

People with sight loss often say having a guide dog is a transformational experience. Being part of a guide dog team provides mobility, safety and confidence, leading to increased independence and a sense of connection with the world. We believe everyone who would like to have a guide dog should have that opportunity.
A black Lab/Golden Retriever cross puppy in a yellow vest sitting on the grass.

Our Philosophy

What makes CNIB Guide Dogs different?
 A person holds two golden retriever puppies side-by-side on the floor.

From Puppies to Partners

Learn about the journey as a puppy becomes a guide dog.
A fluffy Labrador-Golden Retriever puppy. The puppy wears a CNIB Guide Dog in Training  yellow vest.

About the CNIB Guide Dogs Urgent Expansion Campaign

Since the program started in 2017, the demand for CNIB Guide Dogs has never been higher. While our intention was always to increase capacity with gradually expanded funding, the pandemic rapidly expedited our need to grow, and created an urgency for additional funding to meet increasing demands.
Photo of a black lab guide dog wearing a yellow vest

Guide dog etiquette

Learn about proper guide dog etiquette.
Four CNIB guide dogs stand in front of their handlers legs.

Apply for a CNIB Guide Dog

Learn more about the CNIB Guide Dog application process and apply today!