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A yellow Labrador-Retriever CNIB Guide Dog attending her graduation, wearing a harness and mortarboard graduation cap. Her handler’s hand is in the frame holding her leash

CNIB Guide Dogs – Graduations

After being raised by Volunteer Puppy Raisers in communities across Canada and completing intensive training at our Canine Campus, CNIB Guide Dogs is proud to celebrate the guide dogs, buddy dogs and ambassador dogs graduating with their new partners each year.

A collage of two photographs featuring two graduating partnerships. Left: Cheri smiles and sits on a bench, and her guide dog, Sassy, sits on the pavement to her right. Sassy is a black dog in harness. It’s lightly snowing, and Cheri is wearing a red winter jacket and gloves. Right: Maxine and her guide dog, Symba, a yellow dog, pose for a photo together. Symba is in harness.

Class of 2024

At local celebrations across the country, 23 new partnerships (15 guide dogs, seven buddy dogs, and one ambassador dog) graduated as part of the CNIB Guide Dog Class of 2024.
Laurie sits on her living room floor with her guide dog, Bridget, a yellow Labrador retriever-golden retriever cross. Bridget wears a graduation cap and sits in Laurie’s lap. Laurie affectionately presses her face against the Bridget’s fluffly face.

Class of 2023

After completing intensive training, it’s finally graduation day for the CNIB Guide Dogs class of 2023! CNIB Guide Dogs is celebrating 15 new partnerships, including nine guide dog graduates, five buddy dog graduates, and one ambassador dog graduate.
A guide dog and its handler at a graduation ceremony. The handler pets his golden retriever guide dog. The dog is wearing a graduation cap.

Class of 2022

As part of CNIB Guide Dogs' class of 2022, 16 Canadians who are blind or partially sighted are graduating with their guide dogs on International Guide Dog Day (April 27) after completing intensive training. 
A yellow Labrador-retriever CNIB Guide Dog attending his graduation, wearing a harness and mortarboard graduation cap. His handler’s hand is in the frame holding his leash.

Class of 2021

Twenty Canadians who are blind or partially sighted graduated with their guide dogs on April 28, 2021. At the graduation ceremony, seven buddy dog partnerships and two ambassador dog partnerships also graduated, alongside the guide dog partnerships.
Three guide dogs in graduation caps.

Class of 2019

Twenty-five partnerships across Canada graduated on November 22, 2019. Graduation ceremonies were held in St. John's, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
A woman holding a Yellow Lab, who is wearing a yellow vest, in her arms.

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