Photo of a Victor Stream displaying a reader’s bookshelf, next to DAISY books on CD.

What is the CNIB Unbound Book Club?

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CNIB Unbound is a virtual book club for readers with print disabilities and anyone interested in accessible literacy. Housed on Facebook, the club gives members an interactive community where they can read together, swap notes and perspectives on what they've read, and talk about all things books – from their favourite writers to the latest accessible reading technologies on the market. Exclusive audio content related to each featured title is also available through the CNIB Unbound podcast

Where can I find CNIB Unbound?

You'll need a Facebook account to access CNIB Unbound. Once you're logged into Facebook, all you need to do is type "CNIB Unbound" in the search bar, and the group will automatically come up. Meanwhile, the CNIB Unbound podcast is available for anyone to download free of charge using their favourite podcast app. 

Is CNIB Unbound available in French?

No, at this time the CNIB Unbound book club is not available to Francophone readers, but we hope to be able to expand to the French language in the future.  

Where can I find the featured books?

Every time we announce a new book for CNIB Unbound, we'll tell you how to find an accessible version of that book. Often, you'll be able to find Unbound books through CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access), which is Canada's largest collection of books and reading materials in accessible formats like DAISY audio, electronic text or braille. But we may also suggest books that you'll be able to access through other online collections, like

How are books chosen for CNIB Unbound?

We look for books that are available in accessible formats, ideally free for readers with print disabilities. We also try to choose books that have a broad audience appeal and that introduce a previously unexplored genre to club members. Science fiction, travel, romance, mystery, adventure, short stories… we can't wait to read them all with you!

I want to suggest a book for CNIB Unbound. How do I do that?

If you'd like to suggest a book for CNIB Unbound to read in the feature, you can send a message to the Facebook group's administrators or you can email us at However, because we receive so many book suggestions and feature only four titles a year, we're not able to use every one we receive.