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Photo of author K.D. Miller being interviewed by CNIB Unbound podcast host, James Denas.

CNIB Unbound Podcast

Main Content

The CNIB Unbound podcast is an audio experience that takes readers beyond the book itself. Released about every two weeks, it gives listeners exclusive audio content related to the featured book – from interviews with book authors and audiobook narrators, to conversations with experts in the field of publishing. The CNIB Unbound podcast is designed to inspire conversation, helping club members think (and talk!) about the featured title from fresh perspectives.

How can I find the CNIB Unbound podcast?

You can find the CNIB Unbound podcast in several ways:

  • Through our website. Visit for information on listening and subscribing to all of our CNIB Podcast Network shows.
  • Through the CNIB Unbound Facebook group. Every time we release a new episode of the podcast, we post it within the group for all members to access.
  • Through iTunes or other podcast apps. If you're not familiar with it, iTunes is a popular media library/player created by Apple for use with i-devices like a iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Many i-devices come with a built in Podcast app that can be used to access iTunes. It can also be downloaded onto PC or Mac computers. Once downloaded, you can search "CNIB Unbound". The CNIB Unbound podcast will automatically come up. All you have to do from there is subscribe to it and start downloading episodes. You can also listen and subscribe on other podcast apps like Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, and Overcast. 

Podcast Playlist: