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Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients

Meet CNIB Scholarship recipients and discover how scholarships, bursaries and other external awards can help support your educational and professional aspirations.

​​​​A professional headshot of a smiling Niko.

My scholarship experience – Niko Bauer 

By: Niko Bauer 

University is a massive obligation, and you’re stressed at the outset because you don’t know how you’ll pay for it on top of hours of studying and learning. The support of a scholarship goes so far beyond a dollar amount. It’s so relieving to know you have that kickstart to get going. It’s super beneficial. I’m paying for my school with a mixture of working and taking a gap year, but it’s not quite enough. I applied for scholarships all over and figured this [CNIB scholarship] was an area where I’d have more access and opportunity to receive a scholarship. 

A photograph of Mark wearing a Mount Royal University hoodie.

How CNIB Scholarships helped support my post-secondary education

By: Mark Rawleigh

Throughout my post-secondary studies at Mount Royal University, I was the lucky recipient of three scholarships from CNIB – totalling nearly $5,000 over five and a half years.  
Six colourful stuffed animal Llamas, created by Jaclyn. The llamas have tactile elements like button eyes.

Sewing in the Dark with Jaclyn Pope

Jaclyn Pope is determined to not let COVID-19 railroad her education and professional ambitions as she expands her online business, Sewing in the Dark. When a sewing course at Durham College was cancelled due to the pandemic, Jaclyn, 39, viewed it as an opportunity to reconsider her educational plans.

“I started to think about other things that I could learn that would ultimately help my business and help me achieve my goals,” says Jaclyn. “I realized one of the ways I can promote my business is to have a website, but I didn't want to pay someone to create a website for me. Because I like to have control, I decided to learn how to build my own.”
A selfie photograph of Tait smiling.

Congratulating Tait

“I knew CNIB Scholarships existed, but I never really thought of myself as someone who could get a scholarship because, frankly, my grades are not stellar,” says Tait. “But the scholarship application said they were looking for someone who likes to do things outside the box. It wasn't just about academics and grades, so I took a chance and applied.”
An illustration of a pink piggy bank, wearing a black graduation cap, on a yellow background. A diploma sits at the foot of the piggy bank. Text: Congratulations!]

2023/24 CNIB Scholarship Recipients

CNIB received many remarkable scholarship applications this year and awarded $142,000 in funding to people who are blind or partially sighted in recognition of their educational and professional aspirations and achievements.