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Our Work

The CNIB National Youth Council advocates for equal and equitable opportunities for youth who have sight loss. Here you'll find some of the projects we've been working on.

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Accessible Textbooks and Course Materials

Having problems getting your textbooks and course material in an accessible format? Find our how we can help.
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National Youth Council Blog Series

Here you'll find a collection of blog posts we've written about issues, people, and topics that we're passionate about!
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Money Matters with the Wealthsimple Foundation

In this ongoing money series, CNIB National Youth Council Member, Danica Frappier, and Scheherazade Hasan from the Wealthsimple Foundation, examine banking fundamentals and accounts, financial support available to people pursuing post-secondary education in Canada, and more. 
A pink piggy bank sits on a tabletop.

Let's Talk Money Series

The CNIB National Youth Council presents: Let’s Talk Money! In this 5-part series, our guest speakers break down complex topics related to personal finance. Join us as we dive into banking basics, registered disability savings plan, investing, provincial support programs, and first-time home buying!