Exterior view of an Apple Store. Apple logo on a glass window.

Apple Store Hiring Events

October 19, 2018
The CNIB Foundation is working with Apple Canada in support of an upcoming hiring opportunity for blind or partially sighted job seekers in Ontario and Quebec.
Front façade of Toronto Hub

What's all the hubbub about?

October 15, 2018
Ever wish you had an accessible place to hang out in your area? A place where you could attend fun events, try out the latest assistive technologies, learn new skills and get to know other people in your community who are blind or have sight loss? Well that's what CNIB's Community Hubs are all about.
A blue banner with a check box and text "We commit to #BuildTheVisionTO. A cartoon graphic of pedestrians frames the text.

CNIB Response: #BuildTheVisionTO

October 12, 2018
The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) #BuildtheVisionTO: Safe and Active Streets for All campaign outlines a set of 15 municipal election priorities for building streets where people of all ages and abilities can get around actively, sustainably and safely.  Here are some of the #BuildtheVisionTO recommendations that are of significance to Torontonians who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind:
Bank note reader - subject of recall

Bank Note Reader Program and Recall

October 01, 2018
On September 19, 2018, the Bank of Canada announced that it will begin to phase out the bank note reader program. The bank note reader is the handheld device that identifies denominations through machine readable codes.
A man holding a smartphone. The phone is surrounded by a black swirl

CNIB Foundation launches Phone It Forward

September 19, 2018
The CNIB Foundation has announced the launch of its newest program, Phone It Forward, a first-of-its-kind initiative that is the emblem of an exciting new direction for the century-old charity.
The hosts of Eyes for the Job stand back to back holding power drills

AMI-tv announces its fall programming

September 18, 2018
AMI-tv has announced its schedule for the 2018 fall season for people who are blind and partially sighted, featuring season two of the award-winning Employable Me, the debut of dating series There's Something You Should Know and new episodes of Eyes for the Job.
Hand holding smartphone

Unleashing the power of technology

September 18, 2018
Technology can level the playing field for people who are blind or partially sighted – but only when it's accessible, available and affordable.
Grilled cheese sandwich next to a bowl of soup

Your voices: The joy of cooking

September 18, 2018
During an unexpected hospital stay for my husband, I found myself sharing accommodations with my son at his apartment in Halifax.
an over-the-shoulder shot of a client tapping an iPad.

2018 CNIB Tech Fairs

September 10, 2018
Technology is transforming the lives of people with sight loss and the CNIB Foundation is excited to bring the latest in cutting-edge technology to your community.
CNIB participants, staff and volunteers sporting white t-shirts and baseball caps in the Pride parade.

Equalize – September 2018

September 10, 2018
Welcome to the September edition of Equalize!