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Your voices: The joy of cooking

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Grilled cheese sandwich next to a bowl of soupBy Esther Kinsman

During an unexpected hospital stay for my husband, I found myself sharing accommodations with my son at his apartment in Halifax.

Well, housekeeping was not one of my son's strong suits and therefore I was subjected to making a few meals for us. After clamoring around his refrigerator, I was able to come up with ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches with fried onions.  

If I do say so myself they were pretty darn good, and after finishing our sandwiches, my son thought he would like seconds. I proceeded to make another sandwich for him and, while I was cooking it, he came into the kitchen – probably to see what was taking so long.  

After viewing the process, he wanted to know where I got the margarine. 

"In the fridge, of course! Why?" I said.  

"That margarine has a green tinge to it," he replied.   

"Why was it in the fridge if it isn’t good?" I asked. 

His logic was that rather than clutter up the counter, he keeps spoiled items in the fridge until garbage day.  

What could I say? I looked straight at him and said, "Well, the first one didn’t kill us, so are you game to go again?"    

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