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Meet Betty – CNIB Tech Mate

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When it is accessible and available, technology has proven to be a practical tool for many Canadians living with sight loss. 

As a CNIB Tech Mate, Vancouver’s Betty Nobel volunteers to help put the latest tech knowledge at people’s fingertips.

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Betty Nobel – CNIB Tech Mate

“People need to have hope that they can carry on living independent lives after losing their vision,” says Betty. “CNIB has played a big part in my journey to independence since birth, so I have always wanted to give back.” 

Knowing that technology can level the playing field for people living with sight loss, Betty loves helping people build the skills to capitalize on its potential.

“As a retired teacher, I love it when people start to understand and use their technology. It is great to be able to do one-on-one instruction and see a person progress,” says Betty. “When someone can use their iPhone to listen to music, read a recipe on an app, or check their voicemail on their phone, it gives them more confidence and independence. It is incredibly rewarding.” 

As a CNIB volunteer, Betty’s candour and willingness to help are ever-present. Her own experience with sight loss helps her connect with participants on a profound level. 

“If you are going to help someone, you need to have an understanding of vision loss and how it impacts people,” says Betty. “When you help someone overcome a barrier you’ve encountered in the past, it feels so good.”

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