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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

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So, you’ve just met or hired a new employee who is blind or partially sighted. It’s only natural to feel unsure about how to behave and to want to avoid doing something inappropriate.

Here are a few simple tips to help you be more comfortable and supportive around a co-worker who is blind or partially sighted:

  • Learn the sighted guide technique. Employees with sight loss can and do navigate their work environments independently throughout their day, but there may be certain times when a sighted guide comes in handy. Follow this link to learn more about the sighted guide technique and watch instructional videos.
  • Hold an accessible meeting. Make sure you introduce who is in the room, ensure each person states their name before speaking, avoid side conversations and noise and make sure shared documents are available for someone with sight loss in their preferred format.  
  • Design with accessibility in mind.  Our Clear Print Guidelines are an accessible design standard for printed items ranging from magazines to computer screens.