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A campfire

Campfire Stories

Stories bring everyone together, even when we’re apart. We’ve all got tales to tell. Here are some storytelling tips for the virtual campfire. We can’t wait to hear them at the real thing.

  • Use a ‘hook’. Dare your audience to get lost in your story by grabbing their attention from the start, begin with perhaps a question or quote.
  • Tell your story with natural momentum. State the story with events happening chronologically, introduce the characters, describe what they look like and how they behave, explain the setting, atmosphere and time of day. It’s a good idea to practice and rehearse to truly commit to the memories you’re sharing. 
  • Act it out…don’t be afraid to act silly.
  • Pace yourself…don’t rush. Use long pauses for effect.
  • Get others involved: Start a story with a sentence like “Once upon a time there was a girl named Kelly who went hiking in the woods. She came upon a cave, and when she crawled inside, she couldn’t believe what she saw!” Ask each person to add a sentence or two to the story. You never know how it will end!
  • Reflect. It may enhance your story to explain why you’re telling it. The objective may be to inspire or cause people to think differently. Adding the reason why provides a purpose to the telling which allows for a deeper understanding of your story.
  • And finally, have fun!

Would you like to share your personal CNIB Lake Joe story with us? 

We want to hear your favourite CNIB Lake Joe stories! “We’re living in some interesting times and stories hold such power in connecting individuals even from a distance,” says Diane El-Hachem, Coordinator, Communications and Community Outreach. “I warmly invite you to share your favourite story from your virtual campfire to mine.” Simply contact Diane at or call 289-385-0531 to tell your CNIB Lake Joe tales!