An image of a sign in braille with overlaid yellow CNIB branded letters in English reading A Brand You Can Feel

CNIB Foundation launches its tactile brand

During National AccessAbility Week (May 31-June 6), the CNIB Foundation, Canada’s largest non-profit supporting people who are blind or partially sighted, is proud to launch the organization's tactile branding project, a new aspect of the brand that’s not designed to be seen.

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a blue book with headphones resting on top.

Bookish Social (National)

An opportunity for people to connect and chat about their favourite books, authors and everything books!  This group meets via teleconference at 1:15 p.m. Central Time. Call in information will be given upon registration.

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A teenage boy lays with his Buddy Dog, a golden retriever. The boy is embracing the dog and their heads are touching.

Puppy Tales: Meet Zach & Elsie

With schools closed due to COVID-19, children and youth across the country are finding themselves struggling with boredom. Calgary’s Zach Abdalla is no exception, though he’s finding comfort in a special companion, his CNIB Buddy Dog, Elsie.

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A yellow banner featuring an illustration of two cartoon faces outlined in a thick, black paintbrush design. Text: Join in.

CNIB Foundation expands virtual program offerings across Canada

In response to COVID-19, the CNIB Foundation has expanded its virtual program offerings across Canada.

Whether it's career support, tech training, youth groups or book clubs, we're combating social isolation and transforming our communities into beacons of accessibility and inclusion, where everyone can live, work and play without barriers. Funded by charitable donations and enabled by the selfless contributions of volunteers, our innovative programs and powerful advocacy are driving change in communities from coast to coast to coast.

Virtual Program Offerings
A man holds a white cane in one hand and an Android smart phone in the other

CNIB's New Virtual Programs

Stay connected from your home!

Stay connected from your home with these exciting new programs and events!
Until the end of April, CNIB will be hosting a variety of virtual programs that you can participate in over the phone or online! These include:

Telephone Socials: These socials provide an opportunity to connect with people from across the province and often have a focus, whether it's a facilitated discussion, a guest speaker, or trivia and games.

An Employment Series: During Fridays' "Let's Talk About," we will speak with someone with sight loss working in an interesting field of work and then will discuss an employment-related topic.

Tech It Out: During Tech It Out, we will be sharing new technology and apps. These sessions will be more formal with Steve presenting on a number of new apps that can be downloaded and used at home.

As always, you can meet with our staff via telephone. If you're unsure how to schedule a meeting with a CNIB Foundation staff person in Nova Scotia, please email jeff.deviller@cnib

Check out our new online and telephone offerings here!