A blurry subway car breezes into a station.

TTC CNIB Transit Pass Update

In 2018, eligible CNIB clients were provided with a new CNIB TTC card to use when travelling on the system. This card is set to expire on January 31, 2021. The TTC will be extending the expiry date to January 31, 2024.

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Danika and Ulysses sitting on the ground in a forest in Autumn. Danika has her arms wrapped around Ulysses for a huge hug.

Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Danika & Ulysses

“I remember I was so nervous and excited when I met Ulysses for the first time. When the trainer brought him out to the training property, I threw my cane to the side, knelt on the ground and Ulysses licked my entire face!" - Danika

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An example of the sighted guide technique. Two woman walk down a sidewalk together. A woman holds the guide's arm lightly above the elbow and allows the guide to walk one-half step ahead.

COVID-19 Resources

Visit our new COVID-19 Resources webpage to get the latest information on everything from new foundation programs to our physical distancing advocacy initiatives and interviews with program participants.

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