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Guide Dog Puppies and their handler walk down the street

Save the date for the fourth annual CNIB Guide Dogs Pup Crawl!

Get your sneakers ready! The fourth annual CNIB Guide Dogs Pup Crawl is coming back this year on April 17 and will run for six amazing weeks.

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Image of a microphone placed in a recording studio.

Old Time Radio – A blast from the past!

February 5, 2023

Join host Kelly MacDonald as he shares a blast from the past! Listen to all the old radio shows that made the genre so popular. Everything from mystery, comedy, westerns and holiday specific shows. Sit back and enjoy!

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Some members of the CNIB National Youth Council at CNIB Lake Joe. The group poses for a photo in the lounge, standing in front of a window. From Left to right: Taylor, Alicia, Oceanne, Rilind, Caleb, Caelin, Abby, Eitel, Will and Emilee.

CNIB Lake Joe: How camp changes lives

“I always heard how “magical” CNIB Lake Joe is, but I had never been there, so I didn’t understand the hype,” says council member Curtis Ruttle. “Then I visited the camp and finally understood what all the fuss was about! I don’t know how to explain it, but the feeling of just being there was truly incredible.”

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A fluffy Labrador-Golden Retriever puppy. The puppy wears a CNIB Guide Dog in Training  yellow vest.

About the CNIB Guide Dogs Urgent Expansion Campaign

Since the program started in 2017, the demand for CNIB Guide Dogs has never been higher. While our intention was always to increase capacity with gradually expanded funding, the pandemic rapidly expedited our need to grow, and created an urgency for additional funding to meet increasing demands. We’re working tirelessly to meet those demands for the Canadians with sight loss who need us. When our community needed us the most during border closers, we made the difficult decision to make critical and urgent investments in the growth of our guide dog program. We’ve had to accelerate the development of our program, which includes fundraising efforts like acquisition campaigns, direct marketing, and other means of raising money.

About the expansion campaign
[9:45 a.m.] John Lalley CNIB's Karin McArthur chat's with a program participant at an event. 

Scotiabank invests in removing barriers to employment for Canadians with sight loss

Scotiabank invests in removing barriers to employment for Canadians with sight loss

In Canada, the unemployment rate for people with sight loss is 14.5 percent, three times higher than the general unemployment rate. Despite having comparable or higher qualifications than their sighted peers, people with sight loss face significant challenges joining and staying in the workforce, including lack of access to assistive devices, and limited networking and advancement opportunities.

Thanks to Scotiabank’s $1.2 million investment in the CNIB Come to Work Program, participants obtain training in networking and self-advocacy, and in accessible technology such as screen readers, video conferencing and smartphones. The program also educates corporate partners to better utilize assistive technology and accommodations to make workplaces more inclusive and increase the recruitment of people with sight loss.

Through this partnership, CNIB will have the capacity to help more than 1,000 talent pool members access personalized professional development opportunities through workshops, internships, mentorships, networking events with potential employers and referrals to community agencies for employment training sessions and workplaces.

Thank you, Scotiabank for partnering with us to create a Canada where everyone can come to work!


Find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!


Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual Vision Mate

The Virtual Vision Mate program gives volunteers an opportunity to engage in friendly conversations with people who are blind or partially sighted. You can schedule your chats on a set day and time every week, or you can schedule week-to-week, whatever works for both of you.

Volunteer for Virtual Vision Mate

Vision Mate

Make a difference for people who are blind or partially sighted by providing sighted assistance and companionship to a person in your community who is blind or partially sighted.

Volunteer for Vision Mate