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A tiny black puppy and a yellow Guide Dog in harness sit side-by-side on the ground.

Volunteer with CNIB Guide Dogs

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Guide dogs are partners in mobility and independence for people who are blind, Deafblind, or have low vision and can open up the world in a profoundly different way. But before these dogs can embark on their life-changing roles as guide dogs, they require months of socialization, exposure to new environments, and basic obedience training. Puppy raisers and boarders are instrumental in this process, nurturing and preparing these young pups for their future roles as guide dogs.

Volunteers are a critical part of our guide dog program, and we’re always in need of volunteer puppy raisers and boarders. With support from CNIB Guide Dogs staff, you would play a pivotal role in raising a puppy to become a guide dog and help change the life of someone who is blind, Deafblind, or has low vision. 

Learn more about the different volunteer roles and apply to become a puppy raiser or boarder!