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Boy and mother smiling

Your Impact

Living with blindness isn't easy. Your gifts allow us to be there for people dealing with the challenges of sight loss, giving them the support to lead full, active lives.

Young woman stands in front of waterfront

Growing Up with Holly

Since she was a little girl, Holly has been a part of the CNIB Foundation family.
A head shot of Scott Seiler. He is smiling and wearing a grey turtleneck.

Receiving a Smartphone from Phone It Forward

Receiving a smartphone through the CNIB Foundation's Phone it Forward program! Meet Scott.
Mme Sylvain tient son téléphone.

Recevoir un iPhone : briser l'isolement et gagner de l'autonomie

Lors de sa soirée VIP TechnoVision, la Fondation INCA a remis à Mme Sylain un iPhone pour lui permettre de faciliter ses activités quotidiennes. Quelques semaines à peine après l'avoir reçu, son nouveau téléphone lui permet d'écrire des messages et des textes beaucoup plus facilement, de s'informer sur les conditions météorologiques, de faire sa liste d'épicerie et surtout de communiquer avec son entourage. Avant, elle se sentait plus isolée, surtout qu'elle vit dans une région éloignée.
A large group of 17 people gather in a support group. They are seated in a circle.

The Strength of the Group

"The groups have a major impact. Some people have lost a sense of hope and taking part in a support group rekindles their flame," says Pascal, who also benefitted from support groups in the past.
Joshua Cook and two other people sit in a sail boat on the water. They are at the World Blind Sailing Championships in Scotland.

CNIB Lake Joe - Meet Joshua

The moment Joshua Cook arrived at CNIB Lake Joe, he knew it was the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong bond.
Boy and mother smiling

Shayden's Star Shines Bright

Shayden, who was born blind, has the support he needs for a bright future.
Boy and mother smiling

Travis's Battle

At two years old, an E.coli infection almost took Travis's life and stole his sight.