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Make a Planned Gift

The CNIB Foundation will work with you and your advisors to explore planned-gift options that meet your financial and philanthropic goals.

We rely entirely on donations from generous people like you to provide life-changing support to people impacted by blindness. Even a small donation can make a huge difference. The CNIB Foundation’s programs give people impacted by blindness the confidence, skills and tools to go after the lives they want. Through our donors, The CNIB Foundation is able to:

  • Create a brighter future for kids, with children’s services including literacy and social interaction.
  • Open doors to employment through training in skills, like how to write a resumé and track down job leads.
  • Give the opportunity for an active life through programs promoting physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Make prevention a priority with projects that raise awareness about vision health.
  • Enable independence by offering practical support in everything from cooking, to using a white cane.

Already arranged an estate gift to the CNIB Foundation? Please let us know by completing the Gift in Will Confirmation Form. We would love to thank you.

Please note: The CNIB Foundation's full legal name is "The Canadian National Institute for the Blind." When making a planned gift, please use our legal name where required.

Disclaimer: The information provided on these pages is general in nature and not intended to be a substitute for professional legal or financial planning advice. The CNIB Foundation encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

We're here to help. For more information, contact Cindi Meyer at 1-800-563-2642 ext. 7470 or

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Gift in your will

Leaving the CNIB Foundation a gift in your will is a wonderful way to build your legacy, while making a difference to future generations of people impacted by blindness.
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Gift of life insurance

Create your legacy and make a lasting impact with a gift of life insurance. It can provide you with tax benefits while making a difference for generations.
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Gift of Securities

By donating securities, you can feel good knowing you are helping the CNIB Foundation enable Canadians impacted by blindness to live the lives they choose for years to come.
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Build your legacy by creating an endowment, invested funds where the accrued interest goes toward funding life-changing programs in perpetuity.
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Gift of property

A gift of property minimizes your estate's taxes while maximizing your ability to change the lives of future generations of people impacted by blindness.
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Charitable remainder trust

For those 75 and up, donating a charitable remainder trust can create a lasting legacy of giving, while providing an immediate tax benefit.
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Gifts of RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA

Enjoy your savings and build a meaningful legacy so the CNIB Foundation can continue to enable Canadians impacted by blindness to live the lives they choose in years to come.