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National Advocacy

Advocacy is part of CNIB's history and mandate. We were founded by World War I veterans who were advocating for a better society for people who were blind or partially sighted. Over 100 years later, CNIB continues to advocate to all three levels of government.

Our National Advocacy Team

The national advocacy team focuses on issues that impact all Canadians. This includes lobbying the federal government to improve federal legislation, meeting with Members of Parliament and Senators to discuss federally funded regional priorities, and advocating to improve industry regulations, such as Canadian Transportation Agency regulations and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission regulations.

The national advocacy team also supports provincial and regional advocacy initiatives.

Today, our advocacy efforts are working to bring about:

  • A retail payment solution providing secure access when purchasing goods and services.
  • Greater engagement from websites and digital platforms for those using assistive technology.
  • Barrier-free access to the built environment.
  • Equitable access to transportation, including public transit and taxis that accommodate passengers who are blind.
  • Increased awareness of the abilities and skills of persons, regardless of their age, with sight loss.

You can reach the national advocacy team by email at You can reach the national guide dogs team at

The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

Public Policy and Legislation

CNIB’s Public Policy Team monitors legislation at the federal and provincial levels to make sure new legislation, policies, and programs do not create further barriers to inclusion for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. CNIB supports legislation that eliminates barriers and creates a more equitable society.

Third level terms

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Current National Campaigns

Advocacy is a powerful tool. CNIB leads advocacy campaigns to make changes for people who are blind or partially sighted. Learn more about our current campaigns.
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Accessible Communities

We’re working to raise awareness about the importance of creating more accessible and inclusive communities. Our Accessible Community Engagement Campaign supports local organizations to create communities that are accessible to people living with sight loss.

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Help us Break Barriers

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