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Two women sitting at a bench. The woman on the right has a white cane next to her, and the woman on the left has a golden labrador guide dog.

Eye Safety

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It’s not just workplace injuries that case eye injuries. In fact, more than two thirds occur outside of a work setting.

Here are some safety tips:

  • At work or doing jobs around the house, always wear protective eyewear designed for the task. Look for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) mark on safety eyewear to ensure glasses meet or exceed safety standards.
  • Read and follow instructions when using chemicals.
  • Point spray nozzles away from you.
  • Turn your face away when uncorking sparkling wine bottles.
  • Use grease shields on frying pans.
  • Pick up rocks and stones before mowing the lawn.
  • Teach children how to safely handle knives, scissors and pencils.

For more information on eye safety, visit the Canadian Association of Optometrists website.