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Need information and resources about sight loss? Here’s where to learn a few things about sight loss: What it is, how people adapt and thrive with sight loss and how we can create a more inclusive world.

Young woman standing at a bus stop holding her white cane in front. The bus is approaching.


Your CNIB card gives you benefits like discounts and services from governments, businesses, and community partners.
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Clearing Our Path

The CNIB Foundation developed the first edition of Clearing Our Path in 1998 to address the need for information on creating accessible environments for people who are blind.
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Your Eyes

Eye health is an important part to your well-being. Here’s how you can keep your eyes healthy and protected.
Woman with magnifier in her hand sitting among greenery.


Get the facts on blindness in Canada.
Little girl stands on tactile marker holding her white cane. She's wearing a purple dress and matching shoes.

Living with Blindness

Discover how people who are blind do everyday things differently.
An older woman and man sitting on a bench laughing

When Someone You Know is Blind

Get practical tips to help you support someone who’s blind.
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Blindness at Work

Working with someone who is blind or partially sighted is no different than working with anyone else. Learn more about hiring someone with sight loss.
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The CNIB Foundation’s research department mission is to support the strategic, program and advocacy priorities of CNIB through high-quality, collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary research.
Man with sunglasses reading braille

Braille Services and Courses

For 100 years, CNIB has been providing services to people impacted by blindness. We believe in braille as a tool to literacy and we have lots of services to support braille learning.