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Woman sitting in a chair, smiling. Behind her is a computer screen and an orange poster on a yellow wall.

Your Eyes

Learn about proper eye care and diseases that can affect your sight.

Woman getting her eyes checked by optometrist

Your Eye Care Team

Learn more about the key players on your eye care team.
Man looking down and marking a piece of wood with a pencil. He is wearing protective glasses.

First Aid for Injuries

Getting the right treatment fast can help prevent sight loss. Learn more about first aid for eye injuries.
Two women sitting at a bench. The woman on the right has a white cane next to her, and the woman on the left has a golden labrador guide dog.

Eye Safety

It’s not just workplace injuries that case eye injuries. In fact, more than two thirds occur outside of a work setting. Learn more about eye safety.
Woman sitting in a park listening to music through her phone and headphones

Eye Health

Learn more on how you can keep your eyes healthy.
Elderly woman smiling sitting while sitting down.

Eye Diseases

Sight loss can be caused by eye problems present from birth or appear later in life. Learn more about common eye conditions.