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White Cane Awareness Project

CNIB is advocating to build awareness with Canadians about the white cane and how it is used, what it signifies, and how to effectively assist when requested by someone who is blind or partially sighted.  

A white cane with a rolling ball tip scans tactile paving on a sidewalk.

About the White Cane

There are different types of white canes used by Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Learn more about what they are and how they are used.
Two men take a walk along a paved path in a grassy area. One man navigates with a white cane.

White Cane Advocacy Resources

Today there is still stigma and misunderstanding about what the white cane means. We have created education and awareness resources that provide practical information and tips.
 A white cane scans a sidewalk. In the background, mens shoes trail behind the tip of the cane.

White Cane Legislation

Due to the tireless advocacy of people who are blind or partially sighted over the years, most provinces have formally recognized the cane as a symbol of sight loss. Learn more about the legislation where you live.
A black and white photograph of Ben walking in a forest. He holds his white cane up in the air near his waist.

My White Cane, My Journey 

Sight loss does not discriminate and affects a diverse range of people from all walks of life. We spoke to people who use the cane across Canada and asked them to tell us about their experiences learning to use the white cane, how it is a life changing tool for them, and what they want the public to know.