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two colleagues sit at a table. Both are holding iPhones.

Blindness at Work

Working with someone who is blind or partially sighted is no different than working with anyone else. People with sight loss excel in a wide range of careers with the help of technology and simple workplace accommodations.

A woman sits at a desk with her laptop open and her collapsed white cane next to it.

Workplace Accommodations

Creating an accessible workplace is easy and will have a positive impact on your entire workforce. Learn how technology can help you accommodate blind or partially sighted employees.
a woman sits at a computer using Zoomtext.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

The next step after hiring someone who is blind is making them feel comfortable and included in the workplace. It’s easy. All it takes is a little flexibility and consideration.
A recruiter holds a resume and interviews a candidate.

Hiring Someone with Sight Loss

The biggest misconception about hiring a candidate who is blind or partially is that the process will be difficult or expensive. The truth is, it's neither. Learn how you can hire someone with sight loss.