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Phone It Forward

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CNIB wants to ensure that anyone who is blind or partially sighted can benefit from safety, independence, and enablement that a smartphone, along with the proper training, can provide. If you have sight loss, live in Canada and are registered with the CNIB Foundation, you are eligible for a free smartphone through Phone It Forward. 

If you would like to register with the CNIB Foundation for Phone It Forward or other programs, please call 1-833-554-5020.  

When you register for Phone It Forward, the CNIB Foundation team in your province will receive your name and contact information. They’ll contact you in the months ahead to keep you posted on the program’s development and to let you know when a phone is available for you. 

The CNIB Foundation provides community based programs that vary from region to region. Because of this, our approach to distributing free smartphones may vary accordingly. Key considerations may include things like age, education, employment status, or financial need.

Donated smartphones are wiped to the highest data security standards, loaded with accessible apps, and provided to people with sight loss who need them, along with technical training, discounted maintenance, and data plan support.

To donate your phone, or learn more about Phone it Forward, visit phoneitforward.ca or call 1-833-554-5020.