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National Corporate and Foundation Partners

Your organization can help change what it is to be blind today.

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Why Partner with CNIB Foundation?

It’s not just a donation, you’re changing lives for the better.

By working with us, your organization can help support CNIB’s mission to change what it is to be blind.

For more information on partnership opportunities, please contact Daniel Moore, Director, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships at (289) 659-4270 or use the form below. 

Help CNIB Foundation:   

  • Boost participation in the world of work
  • Unleash the power of technology
  • Drive achievement and equality
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Change what it is to be blind today

Partner with CNIB Foundation to empower Canadians impacted by blindness and partial sight tear down barriers to inclusion, pursue their dreams and live the lives they choose.

Enhance brand awareness and loyalty

Corporations with stronger ties to their communities build enhanced loyalty with customers and employees.

Employee engagement and retention

When staff know they work for a company that cares for their community, and are encouraged to serve others, they are more engaged in their work.

Thank you to our current partners!

Government of Canada
McConnell Foundation

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