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Educate to Advocate – Empowering Advocacy Across Ontario

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To strengthen our voices and support the professional development of our Ontario advocates, ambassadors and CNIB staff, we’ve launched Educate to Advocate – an advocacy program designed to drive achievement and equality through education.  

Learn how to advocate from the experts! 

Chalkboard art. A lightbulb sits on top of a chalkboard. Surrounding the lightbulb is a chalk illustration of a thought cloud bubble. These monthly teleconferences feature in-depth discussions on various topics with subject matter experts. 

To date, we've learned about advocacy campaigns in Canada and around the world, employment advocacy, education advocacy, Ontario Human Rights, and effective public speaking. 

Browse the Educate to Advocate recordings.

Space is limited for the program. If you would like to participate, please email 

Working together, we can advocate for a more accessible Ontario! 

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