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CNIB urges provinces to ensure vaccination distribution strategies are accessible

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As COVID-19 vaccination clinics roll out across the country, CNIB is publicly urging provincial governments and local public health units to ensure their vaccine distribution strategies are accessible to Canadians with sight loss. For example:

  • Systems and applications for booking vaccine appointments should be accessible and tested by individuals who use adaptive equipment. Online booking systems must be WCAG 2.0 compliant, at minimum, according to the law. 
  • Queues, lines, and all information presented to those being vaccinated should be as accessible as possible. 
  • Staff and medical professionals should receive training on how to accommodate the needs of people with sight loss, as required.  

CNIB has distributed the following letter to all provinces asking them to publicly outline their accessibility accommodations that will be included in their vaccine distribution strategies. CNIB will be publishing their responses on our website to ensure Canadians with sight loss can learn what to expect.

If you encounter any accessibility barriers when booking a vaccine appointment, please email advocacy@cnib.ca


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