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CNIB Guide Dogs Celebrates Class of 2024 on International Guide Dog Day

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Cheri smiles and sits on a bench, and her guide dog, Sassy, sits on the pavement to her right. Sassy is a black dog in harness. It’s lightly snowing, and Cheri is wearing a red winter jacket and gloves.
Cheri Osten & Sassy 

Today, 23 new partnerships, including 15 guide dogs, seven buddy dogs, and one ambassador dog, formally graduated as part of the CNIB Guide Dogs Class of 2024. 

As part of the celebration, viewing parties of the graduation ceremony were held in communities across Canada. For many graduates, these events signified not only the end of months of anticipation and formal training – but also a tribute to all the individuals who supported each dog in their journey, making these partnerships possible.

Watch the ceremony and meet the proud graduates

The graduation also coincides with International Guide Dog Day – a day to celebrate the life-changing impact these highly trained dogs have in fostering independence for their handlers and helping people who are blind, Deafblind, or have low vision live the lives they choose.

It takes two years of hard work and support for puppies to become guide dogs. In addition to recognizing the achievements of these partnerships, we also mark the day by celebrating the individuals who dedicate their time and talent to raise, train, and care for future guide dogs, buddy dogs and ambassador dogs. Their efforts ensure these remarkable dogs receive the specialized training they need to become invaluable partners for their handlers. By volunteering as a puppy raiser today, you can support a future partnership of tomorrow. To get involved, visit cnibguidedogs.ca

On behalf of all of us at CNIB, congratulations to the class of 2024 and happy International Guide Dog Day!

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