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CNIB Foundation transitions its Hamilton programs to a hybrid community resource access, and virtual model

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CNIB Foundation has been working hard to develop innovative methods to deliver our programs and services when we couldn’t physically be together. Virtual programs have allowed us to be more cost efficient, and to eliminate transportation and geographic barriers for participants. Meaning, that we’re able to reach and empower more Ontarians with sight loss than ever before – no matter where they reside.

In light of the success, expanded reach, and impact of these virtual programs, CNIB Foundation Hamilton will be transitioning to a hybrid community resource access, and virtual program delivery model, as of November 1, 2020.

This shift in how we deliver services will further ensure the CNIB Foundation is efficient and effective in the use of our resources, and will enable us to work together as a community to maximize support for people with sight loss in the Hamilton region, both through virtual means, and in-person. Visit our cnib.ca website to register for virtual programs and watch for further updates regarding community locations to access future CNIB in-person programming.

Please note: Effective January 2021, the Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario Hamilton office will be relocating to 565 Sanitorium Road. The new office will be open by appointment only. Visit visionlossrehab.ca for more details.

For more information call 1-800-563-2642.

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