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Bayer Inc. and Hoffman La-Roche Invest in Preventative Eye Care with the Eye Van

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Thanks to the generosity of partners like Bayer Inc. and Hoffman-La Roche, the Medical Mobile Eye Care Unit, commonly known as the Eye Van, kicked off its annual tour in Iroquois Falls, Ontario on May 1, 2023. The 2023 tour will conclude October 27, 2023, in Little Current, Ontario.

Operated by Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada (VLRC), the Eye Van is a mobile medical clinic that delivers eye care to northern Ontario communities where ophthalmology services aren’t readily available. With the commitment of 25 participating ophthalmologists, the Eye Van travels more than 6,000 kilometres every year to serve nearly 4,500 patients.

Established in 1972 as part of the Prevention of Blindness program in partnership with the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Eye Van started out as a modest camper van outfitted with equipment to perform eye exams and provide basic treatment. Today the Eye Van is a full-sized truck-trailer, equipped with the latest medical technology for performing in-depth eye exams, and provides a wide array of treatments, including minor eye surgery. It’s also fully wheelchair accessible and outfitted with WIFI internet access. 

A grateful patient recently shared that: “Everyone made me feel like I was at home and so well cared for. It is a fantastic program and most important to the many seniors in the community.”

Thank you, Bayer Inc. and Hoffman-La Roche for helping prevent vision loss and improve eye health for residents of northern Ontario communities. Now more than ever donor support has become invaluable in supplementing efforts to augment the health-care system.

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