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Let's Talk Money Series

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The CNIB National Youth Council presents: Let’s Talk Money! In this 5-part series, our guest speakers break down complex topics related to personal finance. Join us as we dive into banking basics, registered disability savings plan, investing, provincial support programs, and first-time home buying!

Part 1: Banking Basics

In this session, Nibal Yamout, Regional Manager and Mortgage Specialist with RBC Edmonton talks about the basics of banking in Canada. Learn how to set up a bank account, bank accounts for students and youth, and credit cards. We’ll also dive into the basics of loans and lines of credit!

Part 2: Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

In this session, Robert Wong, Regional Vice President with Primerica Financial Services discusses Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs). RDSP's help build financial security for Canadians with disabilities with contributions from the federal government. We’ll also examine other registered investments, such as Tax Free Savings Accounts, and offer tips to maximize savings!

Part 3: Investing 101

In this session, Chris Handscomb, Portfolio Management with Wealthsimple discusses investing. Learn about the basics of investing and the five simple rules to follow. We’ll also look at how to balance investing with competing priorities, such as paying down high-interest debt and building an emergency fund.

Part 4: Provincial Support Programs

In this session, we're joined by Bianca Giacalone, Low Vision Clinical Lead, Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada & Caroline Lesperance, Low Vision Specialist and ADP Liaison, Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario, to talk about financial support for assistive devices in Ontario. We'll also discuss other financial support programs for people with disabilities.

Part 5: First Time Home Buying

In this session, Manni Uppal, Mortgage Specialist with RBC Edmonton discusses what goes into buying your first home. Hear updates on the housing market, learn more about tools to support your home buying journey, interest rates and terms. We’ll also cover pre-approval, home equity, and the process of making an offer on a home!