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A young woman stands at the front of a classroom and speaks to a group of young students.

Inclusive Schools Program

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Make your school a more inclusive place where all students are welcome and have a sense of belonging.  

Inspiring change in classrooms across Canada

CNIB’s Inclusive Schools Program is designed to teach educators and students how to foster inclusion in the classroom for people who are blind or low vision. As part of the program, CNIB has developed free educational resources designed to increase an understanding of blindness, the importance of creating more accessible and inclusive schools, and how you can support people who are blind or partially sighted in your community. Two young women and a guide dog stand at the front of a gymnasium and give a presentation a group of kids seated on the gym floor.

School presentations and toolkits 

CNIB’s Inclusive Schools Program aims to amplify the voices of people who are blind or low vision by ensuring every student sees themselves reflected within their learning experiences. Presentations are delivered by a CNIB staff member or volunteer with lived experience and toolkits include:

  • Information on how to make school communities inclusive for students who are blind or low vision.
  • Units and lesson plans on accessibility, inclusion, braille and more. 
  • Tips for recess, gym, class trips and more.
  • A picture book with corresponding lesson plans that link to the Ontario curriculum.
  • A booklist that includes characters who are blind or low vision for primary, junior and intermediate readers. 

Request a presentation for your school and discover what’s possible when we support students to reach their full potential.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario.

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Join us in building inclusive schools

Help break down barriers for the next generation of Canadians with sight loss and provide them with the support they need to thrive in and out of the classroom. 
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