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Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs

Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs

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Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs is a special look into the relationship between a guide dog and their handler. Inspired by the popular Humans of New York series, each story is told through a personal lens that’s unique to the handler’s lived experiences. Come and meet the extraordinary people whose lives have been changed by CNIB Guide Dogs.

Taylor & Wallace

Rylan & Belle

Jodi & Shadow

Mike & Eric

Louise & Jess

Ary & Don

Kathleen & Lily

Karen & Healey

Amanda & Ivan

Denise & Tara

Dean & Myra

Christine & Edie

Ryan & Joe

Shelley & Rookie

Diane & Carla

Marie-Claire & Rhonda

Erin & Winston

Terry & Bert

Lindsay & Charlie

Tim & Harlow

Sandy & Keller

Lawrence & Lewis

Danika & Ulysses

Sara & Daisy

Cindy & Barney

David & Lilo

Kelly & Maple

Tracy & Marion