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A woman in yellow guides a man in a black t-shirt. The man is holding on to her elbow. Both are smiling.

Guiding Someone

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Many people who are blind feel comfortable navigating all kinds of places independently. But there are still times when being guided by a sighted person can be helpful. The sighted guide technique is a great way to safely and respectfully guide someone who’s blind.

Download our how-to manual for guiding someone who is blind or partially sighted. 

Watch this video series to learn all the ins and outs of being a sighted guide.


  • Don’t hesitate to offer guidance to someone who’s blind. They’ll usually appreciate the gesture.
  • Never assume someone needs or wants to be guided. Respect their reply if they decline your offer.
  • Never grab, drag or pull someone who’s blind, their white cane or guide dog. It’s disrespectful, disorienting and dangerous.