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Two beautiful CNIB Guide Dog Golden Labrador pups in training, being held for the camera by the trainer.

Guide Dog Monthly Donor FAQ

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Browse the questions below to find out more about monthly donations to CNIB Guide Dogs. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, call us toll-free at 1-800-563-2642 or email Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca. One of our specialists will be happy to assist you.


When will I receive my tax receipt?

Consolidated tax receipts for monthly donations are sent out each year in February by mail or email. Mailed receipts are sent via Canada Post, so there may occasionally be delays outside of our control.

If your tax receipt hasn’t arrived by March 1, please contact our Donor Services team at Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca or 1-800-563-2642 to confirm your contact details and request a new receipt.

If you have moved and would like to update your mailing address for your tax receipt, you can also do this online by visiting cnib.ca/updateinfo.

Why does my tax receipt say CNIB Foundation instead of CNIB Guide Dogs?

The programs and services offered by CNIB Guide Dogs are part of the larger CNIB Foundation. While your donation has been directed to our CNIB Guide Dogs programming, in accordance with CRA rules for registered charities, the official charity name – Canadian National Institute for the Blind – is what will be indicated on the receipt.

How do I update my contact details?

You can update your contact details by phone at 1-800-563-2642, or by emailing Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca. You can also easily and quickly update your contact details online at cnib.ca/updateinfo.

How do I make changes to my monthly donation?

You can easily increase your monthly donation amount by visiting cnib.ca/ManageMyGiftAll other changes to your donation can be made by contacting our Donor Services team at 1-800-563-2642.

For security reasons, our Donor Services team will first ask you for some details to verify your identity. Please be prepared to share details like your name, mailing address, and email address. To speed up the process, please include this information or have it ready when contacting our Donor Services team.

How long does my donation continue for? Do I have to renew my gift every year?

Your monthly donation to CNIB Guide Dogs will continue indefinitely. It does not automatically expire after a set period of time. You are in control of your donation and can contact us any time with questions or make changes to your gift (subject to 10 business days’ notice ahead of your scheduled donation) at Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca or by phone at 1-800-563-2642.

How do I update my banking or credit card details?

To securely update your bank or credit card details, please call us at 1-800-563-2642, and one of our Donor Services agents will be happy to help you. We strongly discourage sending financial details by email.

Can I pause my donation?

Absolutely! If you have a large expense coming up or know you may need to take a brief break from your regular donation, you can contact our Donor Services team at Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca or by phone at 1-800-563-2642, and pause your monthly gift for up to three months (subject to 10 business days’ notice ahead of your scheduled donation).


Why should I give monthly?

  • It’s easy and convenient. Monthly gifts are safely and securely deducted on the first or 15th business day of each month, and we mail one convenient annual tax receipt before tax time.
  • Monthly donations go farther. Monthly gifts reduce CNIB’s administrative and postage costs – meaning more of your support goes directly to those who need it.
  • You are in charge. If for any reason you need to make changes to your monthly gift, you can contact us at 1-800-563-2642 or Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca to pause, adjust the amount, or cancel your gift. It's that easy.
  • You can be confident knowing your gifts change lives. As a monthly donor, you will receive regular updates showing you the real impact you’re making in the lives of Canadians with sight loss in your community.
  • You’re helping us plan for the future. Monthly donations provide us with an important, reliable, and predictable source of funding, allowing us to plan for the future and fulfill our commitments to our participants.
  • It's manageable. For some, a large lump sum donation at the end of the year is not always possible. A small monthly donation can fit easily into most budgets -- and it's automatic! No need to remember to donate each month.

Is this a contract?

You are in complete control of your monthly donation; it is not a contract. There is no minimum duration required, though we do ask donors to consider giving for at least 12 months. Most monthly donors find the process so simple and rewarding that they give for many, many years.

One of the benefits of monthly giving is the ability to control the amount of your gift and make adjustments when needed, so that your gift always fits within your budget. There is no fee to change or cancel a monthly donation.

Where can I learn more about your fundraising methods?

To learn more about our fundraising practices, please visit this link: cnib.ca/donorfaq.


Is my donation supporting one single dog?

Monthly donations support the entire CNIB Guide Dogs program rather than one individual dog. We believe cost should never be a barrier to anyone who wants a guide dog, so monthly donations are used to cover the costs of everything from training to food, vet visits, and more for every dog in our program for their entire working lives.

We provide updates on many dogs as they go through the training process and beyond, rather than focusing on one single dog. This gives every pup their chance to shine and allows you to see the true impact of your generosity from coast to coast to coast.

What can I expect to receive as a monthly supporter of CNIB Guide Dogs?

As a monthly donor to CNIB Guide Dogs, you will receive a CNIB Guide Dogs welcome package containing a letter, a brochure with details about our program, and a fridge magnet of one of the dogs currently in training as a token of our gratitude. You’ll also receive regular emails from us, providing you with updates on CNIB Guide Dogs. We also mail a calendar each year, filled with photos of our gorgeous pups. Lastly, you’ll receive the Guide Dog Gazette, a bi-monthly e-newsletter filled with all kinds of success stories, news updates, and information about our advocacy work.

When will my welcome package arrive?

Your welcome package – containing a letter, a brochure, and a small gift as a token of our appreciation – should arrive in four to six weeks' time. Welcome packages are mailed via Canada Post, so there may occasionally be delays outside of our control.

If your welcome package hasn’t arrived after six weeks, please contact our Donor Services team at Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca or 1-800-563-2642 to confirm your contact details and request a new package.

How is my donation used?

Monthly donations support the entire CNIB Guide Dogs program rather than one individual dog. The cost of an average guide dog is $50,000 over their working life, and we believe the cost of owning a guide dog should never be a barrier to independence. Your monthly gift ensures that CNIB Guide Dogs can fully cover the cost of owning a guide dog; the handler never pays a cent.

Each month, your donation supports:

  • Regular vet check-ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Food
  • Harnesses, leashes, and other equipment
  • Toys and enrichment
  • Puppy raising and training
  • Advanced specialized training
  • Advocacy training for handlers
  • Orientation and mobility training


Who is eligible to receive a CNIB guide dog?

Any Canadian who is blind or partially sighted can apply to CNIB Guide Dogs for a guide dog or buddy dog. If you would like to apply for our program, visit this link to fill out our online application form.

How much do the guide dogs cost?

Your monthly donation ensures that there is never a cost to the guide dog handler. The cost of a guide dog for its working life is $50,000.

Where are the dogs trained?

Puppies are raised in communities across Canada until they're 12 to 15 months old. That's when they're ready to move to our Canine Campus in Carleton Place, Ontario, where they begin their formal training. Additional training takes place in the handler’s home and community.

What breeds are your dogs?

CNIB Guide Dogs trains Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and crosses of the two breeds.

Where can I learn more?

There are many ways to learn more! Sign up for the Guide Dog Gazette for bi-monthly updates on our work at this link. You can also follow us on Instagram - @cnibguidedogs. And we’re always adding new stories on our website at cnibguidedogs.com.

How can I become a puppy raiser?

Visit the "Support CNIB Guide Dogs" section of our website to see if we’re recruiting puppy raisers in your area.

How do I apply to receive a guide dog?

If you'd like to apply to receive a CNIB guide dog, visit this link to fill out our online application form.

Don’t see your question answered here?

Please contact our Donor Services team at Monthly.Giving@cnib.ca or 1-800-563-2642. Or submit your question online through our contact form.