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Financial Statements

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We are committed to being fully transparent in our accounting practices.  Our board of directors provides governance and financial oversight, assisted by the Finance and risk management committee.

By the Numbers

As a comprehensive view against total expenses, the pie chart below demonstrates how CNIB invests in your community. The data is based on a 5-year average of expenses (2018-2022) taken directly from CNIB Audited Financial Statements, including the programmatic expenses of CNIB and our related, affiliated organizations. To learn more, please see our Audited Financial statements below or to learn more about our cause-related programs, click here.

Pie chart showing expenses: Cause-Related Programs 76.2%, Fundraising 20.5%, Administration 3.3%

Your Dollars at Work

$3.33 raised for every dollar spent, 30% fundraising ratio

At CNIB, your donation makes a difference in the lives of Canadians who are blind, partially sighted, and DeafBlind. We strive to maximize your contributions to deliver life-changing programs for those who need us most. Our impact is primarily powered by the generosity of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. CNIB donors help ensure we have the resources to follow through on our mission and empower those we serve to achieve their goals.

At CNIB, your dollars matter. To that end, as of February 2023, we are proud to share a fundraising ratio of 30% expenses to revenue. And we are equally pleased to report that we are able to raise $3.33 for every $1 spent.

Cause Related Program Expenses:

Pie chart of distribution of funding sources. Live programs 35.1%, Advocate programs 15.8%, Learn programs 14.3%, Tech programs 13.2%, Play programs 11.1% Work programs, 8.4%, Other 1.8%

Charity Return

Financial statements

Our full financial statements are audited annually by Ernst & Young LLP.