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Welcome to Equalize, CNIB’s advocacy e-newsletter! As a trusted member of our advocacy community, Equalize aims to update you on CNIB’s advocacy campaigns, initiatives and programs from coast to coast to coast. We’ll highlight some of our work, profile local advocates, discuss regional and national advocacy issues, and more! CNIB publishes 4 issues of Equalize a year in the winter, spring, summer and fall. 

Current Issue of Equalize 

May 2024

CNIB springs into the next phase of the “Get on Board” transit campaign
“SnoWay!” campaign for accessible snow and ice removal
Kids and parents share their stories at the inaugural Alberta Access to Education Coalition Summit
CNIB Thunder Bay launches Indigenous and rural education project
Walking toward a more accessible built environment in Charlottetown
Sailing on the 6ix: A night of senses
Advocate Spotlight: Jan Zawilski

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