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A stack of gingerbread cookies decorated with white frosting.

Top 10 Holiday Activities for Young Adults

By: Emilee Schevers
CNIB National Youth Council Member 

It's no secret that there are a TON of holiday activities happening in December, so what should you do? If you're as indecisive as me, let's narrow it down with our top 10 holiday activities for young adults (with little to no cost).

  1. Take in the Christmas lights. Whether you go for a drive with a friend or walk around your community, the spectacular light displays during this time of year are not to be missed.
  2. Enjoy a festive holiday drink. Step outside your typical coffee haze and enjoy a hot chocolate or peppermint-flavoured drink. Add extra marshmallows or whipped cream!
  3. Bake cookies. Whether it's the premade tree-shaped delicacies you popped in the oven or made from scratch, these are a must.
  4. Participate in a Christmas tree hunt. This isn’t your typical scavenger hunt! Gather some friends and go Christmas tree hunting around the city. See who finds the most. Psst… hotels and malls are packed with them!
  5. Curl up with a holiday movie. I know there are so many to choose from, so here are my top 3 classic recommendations: The Polar Express, Santa Paws (if you need a childhood throwback) and the Princess Switch (for my Hallmark peeps).
  6. Go for a walk and enjoy the snow and some fresh air.
  7. Make a gingerbread house. This has to be my all-time favourite. Get a kit from the grocery store and have at it – eating materials along the way is mandatory!
  8. Write a letter to future you. While we're past writing letters to Santa, these years are ones of frequent change and growth. Consider writing yourself a letter about what you've achieved and where you are. Save it and open it next year to see how far you've come!
  9. Paint your own ornaments. Gather a few blank ornaments from the dollar store and decorate away! Make them with friends or family and hang them on the tree or door handles.
  10.  Sing and dance! There’s nothing like a good Christmas album. Turn on your favourite tunes and dance like nobody's watching.

Happy Holidays from the CNIB National Youth Council!