The ABCs of IOS Manual

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Cover of ABCs of IOS manualIt's amazing how early most children are developing their technology skills nowadays. Let's be honest, most of us know a child who can use smart devices like tablets or smartphones much more easily than we can ourselves. 

But without a systematic approach to introducing these devices to kids with sight loss, many blind children are missing out. In our technology-driven world, that can greatly affect these children's futures. 

That's why we created ABCs of IOS – A Voice Over Manual for Toddlers and Beyond.

Developed in collaboration with Diane Brauner, Educational Accessibility Consultant, the free manual provides parents and educators with the age-appropriate information they need to teach a child how to interact with an iPad using VoiceOver. To put the latest knowledge at children's fingertips, it incorporates accessible apps with educational content. The manual addresses VoiceOver skills for children, ages 3-8, who are, or may become, braille readers, dual media, or auditory readers.  Janna using an iPad and BailleNote Touch to read a book from Bookshare

Educators and family members will learn how to:

  • encourage children with sight loss to explore and interact appropriately with an iPad. 
  • introduce and teach age-appropriate VoiceOver gestures, Bluetooth keyboard commands and refreshable braille display commands.
  • incorporate teaching strategies which address the unique needs of children with sight loss. 
  • nurture children with sight loss to become confident and independent with iPad skills.
  • provide information about accessible apps and activities for educational purposes.

Download The ABC’s of iOS: a VoiceOver Manual for Toddlers and Beyond!